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Webinar: The Importance of a Good Emcee

The importance of a good host, an emcee, is important for many reasons: they set the tone, they keep your audience interested, they help make the event an experience, maintain focus for your event and drive the event forward. Please join us for the discussion on the subject, Gregory Offner, a professional keynote speaker and emcee. 

Gregory Offner is an international keynote speaker, event emcee, and globally recognized expert on performance.  Greg holds professional designations in Lean/SixSigma, Risk Management, Organizational Development, Positive Psychology, and spent 12 years touring the world as a professional dueling pianist.

  • Why do you need an emcee for your event?
  • Why hire a professional emcee versus doing it yourself?
  • What do you need to know if you want to emcee yourself? 
    • How to set the tone for the event? 
    • How to maintain audience interest? 
    • How to make the event an experience? 
  • How does the emcee differ in live, virtual or hybrid environments?

Webinar was held on Wednesday 16th March at 16.30 (EEST)/ 15.30 (CEST).

Webinar 38 The importance of a good emcee_

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