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Organizing a 3D virtual event -webinar

Case: Shift Business Festival

For Liveto’s next webinar we’ll have a guest from Shift Business Festival, CEO Sini Toivonen, who has new insights to organizing a B2B-event virtually. Shift Business Festival was organized in late October entirely in a 3D virtual event environment with VirBELA-platform.

In the webinar, Toivonen and Liveto’s Linda Nilsson will discuss about Shift’s past year and what new experiences has the virtual event brought them. The webinar will also provide you with practical tips on how to organize a 3D virtual event and what opportunities does it create. Toivonen and Nilsson will also discuss about the challenges and future of virtual events.

This webinar will give you insights in the following topics:

  • Past year in Shift Business Festival
  • How to organize a B2B-event? What are the biggest challenges?
  • What is it like to organize an event with 3D platform? What does the 3D platform enable?
  • How did the customers welcome the new event platform? How is the customer satisfaction considered in the event?

This webinar is suitable for everyone interested in virtual events and 3D execution – whether you are a performer, event organizer or customer.

Organizing a 3D virtual event