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Webinar: How to make your public speaking rock

After a huge success with our previous webinar with our guest Paul Hughes, a recognised Professional Keynote Speaker with 25 years of experience, he has agreed to come back and discuss public speaking with us. 

We will discuss what public speaking is, what keynote speakers are and what you can do to improve your public speaking.  

Paul comes from a long tradition of Irish storytellers. Paul has been voted ‘Best Speaker’ various times, he uses clear articulation, humour and ‘professional warmth’ to connect with audiences in over 45 countries. His work is innovative and informative, provocative and persuasive and ultimately inspires practical action. Paul is known for his unique presentation style to enhance comprehension and engagement as he draws live as he speaks along ten meters of papers. Audiences are captivated, inspired and motivated with his ‘Ten Meters of Thinking’. His overarching theme is Growth, which he calls a ‘natural force in Nature’. He works with what he calls the ‘Trilogy of Growth: Leadership, Innovation & Branding’ to inspire people to action and shift to their next level of Growth. 

Paul is known as ‘the experts expert’ because his knowledge is collected from 1000’s companies, interviewing successful people from every field to extract their model of success, including Al Pacino. He has been a Professional Keynote Speaker for Academic Institutes, Governments, Industry events and for a wide variety of Corporate Management Events such as Coca-Cola, 3M, IKEA, LEGO, Mercedes-Benz, Shell, The European Union, TEDx events, Global Summits (including G7) and many more. 

  • What is public speaking?
  • What should you take into consideration in public speaking?
  • How does public speaking differ in person and online? 
  • How to capture your attendees attention? 
  • How to inspire your audience to take action? 
  • What should you take into account when hiring a speaker? 


This webinar was held Wednesday 8th December 2021.
How to Use Storytelling to Create a Community