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How to organize a virtual event

A virtual event is similar to an offline event but the attendees are gathered online, not in person. A physical event venue is replaced by a platform for virtual events hosting. In fact, organizing an online event requires the same amount of energy, time and other resources as preparing a real event.
An event organizer has to come up with ideas for promotion and marketing, audience engagement and content creation to ensure an overall one-of-a-kind event experience. All in all, it might be challenging to manage everything, especially if you’ve never organized a virtual event before.
To solve this issue Liveto team has prepared a checklist for organizing an online event. We tried to cover all the planning and organizational processes in detail so that you wouldn’t forget anything. No matter if you’re an experienced event organizer or a newcomer to the industry, we’re sure you will find useful information in the following checklist. It’s concise and simple to use but still informative and helpful.
This guide covers the following:
  • A definition of a virtual event as well as all common types of virtual events
  • A list of questions to start planning a virtual event
  • A checklist designed for online event organizers and hosts
  • A checklist designed especially for speakers
How to organize a virtual event

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