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The World of eSports for Event Industry Professionals

An introduction to eSports and eSports events.

This guide is an overview to eSports and types of eSports events for those who are not that familiar with the subject. eSports industry might seem complex and difficult to enter from a business perspective. To save your time, Liveto has created an eSports guide especially designed for people involved in the event industry and who want to know more about the growing industry of eSports.

The following guide summarizes the most relevant information about electronic sports. It should help to understand better:

  • what eSports are,
  • why does the industry grow in popularity so rapidly,
  • where does the money come from,
  • who are the key stakeholders,
  • who are the key customers.

Most importantly, the guide explains why event industry professionals should consider eSports for partnership and collaboration. The future of eSports is predicted to be bright, therefore, it’s important to be proactive and get ahead of competitors to take advantage of the developing electronic sports industry.

The World of eSports for Event Industry Professionals

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