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Fundamentals of Successful Event

Tips to help you organize your own event

In this guide we have collected ways to avoid bankruptcy of an event. The guide provides you hints about the basics of organizing an event, and how to make your event succeed. There is a lot of competition on the event industry, so organizing an event is often very stressful. Let us help you!

This guide is made especially for you, who are not yet experienced event organizer, but are interested in producing your own event. We have gathered what we think are the most essential parts of event organizing you should consider when getting started with your event.

All the information in this guide is from the Liveto staff’s own experiences we have learned during years of co-operation with several event organizers.

The guide gives you answers for example the following questions:

  • How to begin planning an event?
  • How to build a story for the event?
  • How to create buyer personas?
  • How does the ticket sale support the success of an event?
  • How to make partner sales interesting and profitable?


Fundamentals of Successful Event

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